U.S. commercial red meat production in September, came in at 3.93 billion pounds. That's up slightly from 2005 levels.

Pork production totaled 1.74 billion pounds, up slightly from September 2005. Hog slaughter totaled 8.83 million head, slightly less than the previous year. Live weights averaged a pound heavier, at 266 pounds.

Beef production, at 2.16 billion pounds, was a bit higher than the previous year. Cattle slaughter totaled 2.77 million head, down slightly from September 2005. Live weights on average were 7 pounds higher than last year, hitting 1,282 pounds.

Veal production totaled 12.8 million pounds, 3 percent below September 2005. Calf slaughter totaled 57,500 head, which was 5 percent lower compared with September 2005. The average live weight, at 365 pounds, was 2 pounds higher than in 2005.

Lamb and mutton production, at 14.2 million pounds, was down 9 percent from last September. Sheep slaughter totaled 219,100 head, 5 percent below last year. Live weights dropped 6 pounds on the annual comparison, averaging 129 pounds. 

From January to September 2006 commercial red meat production was 35.2 billion pounds, 4 percent higher than in 2005. Accumulated beef production was up 6 percent from last year, veal was down 3 percent, pork was up 2 percent from last year, and lamb and mutton production was down slightly.

To read the full report, go to www.usda.gov/nass/PUBS/TODAYRPT/lstk1006.txt

Source: USDA/ National Agricultural Statistics Service