With all of the other activities going on in Washington lately, the U.S. Senate rejected a motion to tied to  the Economic Stimulus package. One of the attached items included language that would have banned non-ambulatory cattle from entering the food supply.

 One has to wonder why a non-ambulatory cattle bill was attached to an economic stimulus package, and how many other inappropriate tidbits were included.

The measure was rejected by a vote of 52 to 42, leaving it short of the 60 votes required to proceed. Specific to the non-ambulatory cattle portion, the language also included additional civil money penalties associated with non-ambulatory cattle in the marketplace.  

"Although it passed the House, it failed to achieve cloture in the Senate," said Kate Cyrul, spokeswoman for the Senate Agriculture Committee.

USDA proposed a rule banning non-ambulatory cattle last month

 Source: Meatingplace.com