Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced today that the Senate will proceed to the FHA reauthorization bill, and then move on to the farm bill. The National Pork Producers Council reports that both the Senate majority and minority leaders are working with the Parliamentarian to determine which proposed amendments are germane to the farm bill and which are not.
After that process is complete, and the germane amendments are sorted out NPPC officials expect the senators to shift their attention to the farm bill. Sen. Reid is committed to completing the farm bill today.

Other activities this week included the Senate's voted on five farm bill related amendments as well as a vote (78 to 12)  to invoke cloture on the Harkin substitute amendment (#3500) to the bill. Under the rules of cloture the senators are allowed 30 hours of debate. What's more, all amendments to the Harkin substitute must be germane. It is unclear if all 30 hours of debate will be needed, reports NPPC.