Seaboard Farms announced Tuesday a new online service that allows retail customers to trace individual boxes of Natural PrairieFresh Premium Pork to a source farm.

“Since we’re a vertically integrated company it’s relatively easy for us trace our products to a source farm,” says Terry Holton, senior vice president of sales and marketing. “Now we’ve taken our internal ability to trace Natural PrairieFresh Premium Pork products and made it easy for our retail customers to trace individual boxes to our source farms.”

To use the new system, retailers go to Order Status found under the Retail/Food Service tab located at where they will enter the PrairieFresh Customer Care Center. Once the retailers’ have provided their customer number and password they will see a Product Trace link at the top of the page in addition to the Order Status link.

The next step is to enter a unique serial number that’s found on each box of Natural PrairieFresh Premium Pork. Once they enter a valid serial number, they will find information to confirm when the product was produced. Here, the retailer has information about the source farm, including the farm location, farm manager and genetics. Seaboard Farms also is offering the online Product Trace service for its export products.

“As consumers, especially those that purchase natural meat products, demand more information about the products they purchase, we wanted to make it simple for our retail customers to have information readily available for consumers,” says Holton. “Our online Product Trace service will do exactly that for them. Just a few simple clicks and they can find important information about the Natural PrairieFresh Premium Pork products they are putting in their meat cases.”

Seaboard Farms