More than 80 scientists from around the world have pledged their support to the development of biodiesel efforts. Roger Beachy, president of the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis, and Rob Myers, founder of the Thomas Jefferson Agricultural Institute in Columbia, Mo., have invited all members of the scientific community to add their names to the list of biodiesel supporters.

“The soybean checkoff has a long-term investment in researching sustainable, renewable biodiesel,” said Vanessa Kummer, United Soybean Board communications chair and a soybean farmer from Colfax, N.D. “So it’s good to see the scientific community coming out in support of biodiesel. It’s important to increase awareness of the science behind using soy biodiesel as an answer to decreasing our dependence on petroleum while still providing food, feed and fiber for the world.”

Scientists who sign the petition are agreeing that biodiesel can reduce dependence on petroleum, help address climate change and boost domestic economies.

As a consistent source of funding for the research and promotion of biodiesel, the soybean checkoff has been a major force in increasing biodiesel production from 500,000 gallons in 1999 to nearly 700 million gallons in 2008.

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Source: United Soybean Board