The South Carolina Board of Health and Environmental Control approved a comprehensive package of regulations for pork production units wanting to locate in the state. The rules had previously been introduced to the public through an initiative called “Emergency Regulations on Swine Facilities with 1,000,000 pounds or more of Production”.

According to a S.C. Board of Health press release, officials approved regulations on Dec. 13, that would classify pork production operations by category with small operations having no more than 500,000 pounds or about 3,500 hogs. Those units with a greater production weight or higher number of hogs would be classified as a "large operation".

"Large operations" would be required to submit a three-year business plan to address environmental impacts. Open lagoons would be prohibited at large operation, and those units could not be located within 25 miles of each other.

The vote was taken after a four-hour public hearing on the regulation package. The proposed regulations will now be submitted to the state legislature for approval.

South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control Board Press Release