According to the USA Poultry and Egg Export Council, Russia intends to import just 350,000 metric tons of  U.S. poultry in 2011. That compares to 700,000 tons this year, and an earlier statement that suggested sales of 600,000 metric tons. .

Russia’s First Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov was quoted as citing that the country will keep pork (472,000 tons) and beef (530,000 tons) purchases unchanged for the new year.

While the final details are to come, USAPEEC officials expect the purchases to be spread out in quarterly allocations in order to stabilize the volume overall.

"We understand that Russia is developing its own poultry production, which is normal and logical. However, we know that our product is also having success with Russian consumers,"   U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Beyrle said at a press conference. He reiterated that the United States is ready to supply poultry meat “within the quotas determined by the Russian government,.” He also said the United States is ready to supply to Russia 450,000 metric tons of poultry in 2011 and 400,000 metric tons in 2012.

At times, Russian officials allow other countries to pick up some of the U.S. quota therefore, as noted by BB&T Capital Markets analyst Heather Jones, historically the United States has supplied about 75 percent of the quota, which would translate to about 260,000 metric tons.

 In the end, that also will mean, more poultry will remain in the United States to be absorbed by the domestic  market.