Nine entities have been de-listed, which means they can no longer export pork products to Russia. The companies include U.S. pork processing plants and cold storage facilities, according to USDA.

The plants were suspended because of export-certificate errors, according to USDA. Codex international food standards suggest that the two countries' governments work together in such cases to correct the situation and so the certificates can be reissued. Russia, however, does not accept such replacement certificates, according to a USDA spokesperson. "We are working with the Russians to resolve this issue," she says.

Certificates can be signed for pork originating from these establishments through Feb. 9, but the product must also be loaded on a shipment by that date. Effective Feb. 10, the following establishments will not be allowed to export to Russia:

  • Smithfield Packing, Tar Heel, N.C.
  • Farmland Foods, Milan, Mo.
  • Farmland Distribution, Crete, Neb.
  • Cargill Meat Solutions, Beardstown, Ill.
  • Cargill Meat Solutions, Ottumwa, Iowa
  • Cloverleaf Cold Storage, Cherokee, Iowa
  • Carolina Cold Storage, Tar Heel, N.C.
  • Millard Refrigerated Services, Edwardsville, Kan.
  • Berkshire Refrigerated Warehouse, Chicago quotes a Wall Street export analyst as saying these suspensions are, "Not good, but not a big deal." Last year, about 10 percent of the United States total pork export quota ended up in Russia.