Viewers of RFD-TV will have an opportunity to ask questions about the pork industry when the National Pork Board sponsors an hour-long program on the network.

Long-time farm broadcaster Max Armstrong will be the host for "RFD-Live: A Conversation About Pork," which will air Monday, Oct. 12 at 7 p.m. (Central). Scheduled guests include Steve Meyer, agricultural economist, Chris Novak, National Pork Board chief executive officer; Paul Sundberg, vice president of science and technology at NPB; and Wathina Luthi, an Oklahoma pork producer.

"This is a tremendous opportunity for us to tell our story to both pork producers and to others throughout rural America," Novak said. "I hope pork producers, as well as viewers who know little about the pork industry, will call in questions."

"As we head into the typical flu season, we want consumers to understand that you cannot get the H1N1 flu from eating or handling pork," said Novak. "But we also want viewers to get a better understanding of what is happening within the pork industry. This is a tough time for pork producers. We want to tell consumers what producers already know: That not only is pork safe, nutritious and delicious, it also is an especially good value at your grocery store right now. This is a great time to be buying pork."

"We also look forward to being able to tell producers about all the measures the pork checkoff is taking to promote pork this fall. During the RFD-TV program we will unveil our newest 30-second television commercial," Novak added.

RFD-TV, now available in 40 million homes, can be viewed on the DISH Network at channel 231 and on DirecTV channel 345. Viewers with cable television should consult their local listings guide.

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Source: NPB