The spotlight is falling on new, exciting grilled pork dishes and delicious barbecue. U.S. Foodservice is promoting ways to incorporate pork and poultry into restaurant menus during the grilling season, according to

The  U.S. Foodservice website offers articles, recipes and cooking videos on the latest trends in pork and poultry preparation.

"Restaurant operators need to keep up with current trends to grow their business," said Pat Mulhern, president, Monarch Food Group, U.S. Foodservice, in a news release. "The foodsight website provides foodservice professionals the information they need to maximize their menu potential, keep their menu fresh and entice new customers."

Now the website turns its attention to ways to increase restaurant sales by incorporating popular trends like ethnic accents, chili peppers and fruit notes into pork and poultry dishes. It also highlights ways to create cultural barbecue variations ranging from Caribbean/Latin flavors to Korean.

Plus, the website offers suggestions on how to create small plate entrees and rethink dishes to include bolder and more nuanced flavors. U.S. Foodservice is one of the country's largest foodservice distributors to restaurants, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities, hotels, government entities and other eating establishments.