Frozen food stocks in refrigerated warehouses on September 30 were greater than year earlier levels for butter, cheese, and pork, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service Cold Storage report released Thursday.
Frozen pork supplies were up slightly from the previous month and up 1 percent from last year.  Stocks of pork bellies were down 22 percent from last month but up 80 percent from last year.

“Total pork stocks as of September 30 were estimated at 531.9 million pounds, 1.1 percent higher than a year ago and still some 14.9 percent higher than the five year average”, report Len Steiner and Steve Meyer in the CME Daily Livestock Report. “While overall supplies in cold storage are still high by historical standards, it was positive that stocks continued to move lower in September despite relatively large pork production levels.”

Total stocks of chicken were down 2 percent from the previous month and down 16 percent from last year.  Total pounds of turkey in freezers were down 6 percent from last month and down 1 percent from September 30, 2008.

Total beef stocks at the end of September were  4.5 percent lower than a year ago and 6.8 percent lower than the five year average.

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Source: USDA, Daily Livestock Report