Iowa farmers with corn still in the field will probably have to wait until spring to harvest it— provided it's still standing.
USDA's most recent Crop Progress Report revealed that 88 percent of the corn crop in the 18 major producing states had been harvested as of last weekend, but that 10 million acres may remain untouched. That report prediction was before a major wide-spread winter storm hit the Midwest in the past two days.

Harvesting corn with an inch or two of snow on the ground is possible, but deep drifts are another thing. Many Midwest corn producing states received 4 to 17 inches of snow in recent days.

Bob Busch of rural Waverly told the Associated Press that Tuesday's winter storm means he will probably leave nearly 100 acres ov corn unharvested. But Busch says he is confident his fields will make it through the winter with minimal losses.

A 10 percent loss is regularly factored into harvest estimates, but this year it could push beyond 20 percent.

USDA says 6 percent of corn in Iowa still is standing, or about 800,000 acres. According to a University of Wisconsin study, corn harvested in April will yield 24 percent less than in October. Losses are even higher if its picked during the winter months. Harvesting in March offers the best chance now, with an estimated yield rate of 65 percent.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.