Quiznos officials announced this week that the sandwich chain will adopt a new animal-welfare policy for suppliers. Specifically, egg, pork and turkey products will be on the policy list. The company runs 5,000 quick-serve restaurants in the United States.

The plan was developed in conjunction with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, reports a Quiznos spokesperson. The purchasing plan takes a phase-in approach.  For example, Quiznos will purchase 1 percent of its pork from suppliers who can ensure that the hogs came from crate-free (gestation) environments. The goal is to buy 15 percent of its pork products from such entities by 2012.

On the egg side of the equation, Quiznos intends to buy 4 percent of its eggs this year from cage-free producers, with the target set at 10 percent within five years. The company also eliminated eggs from three of its four cookies, according to the spokesperson.

As for turkey products, by 2010 the sandwich-maker will purchase 5 percent of its  turkey quota from suppliers who use controlled atmosphere stunning during the slaughter/processing phase. 

Source: Quiznos