Whether it involves pet food or human food, the U.S. consumer say recalls have become more routine, but they are still concerning. That's according to an online survey of 2,563 adults conducted in April by Harris Interactive.

Nearly 80 percent say they are aware of food recalls that have occurred in the United States; 86 percent cited some concern, nearly 30 percent said they were of serious concern. More than half (55 percent) said they would temporarily change their buying patterns due to a recall, however, 15 percent said they would permanently switch brands.

Still, the survey dug deeper into the recall and brand link and found varying degrees of familiarity in terms of identifying actual recalls and the names of brands involved. For example in a chicken-related recall, only 2 percent correctly named the brand involved, while 17 percent named brands not associated with the episode.

However, 71 percent of respondents said they were familiar with the February peanut butter Salmonella recall. Of those, 46 percent of participants correctly named the brands involved, with only 12 percent cited other un-effected brands.
Source: Harris Interactive, Meatingplace.com