Kansas City based Premium Standard Farms will begin implementing "Next Generation" environmental systems on selected farms as part of a new Consent Decree with the State of Missouri.

The Crystal Peak fertilizer plant will convert hog manure into a high value commercial fertilizer that will eliminate the use of traditional anaerobic lagoons for manure treatment and storage.

"This process is unique," says Dave Townsend, vice president of environmental affairs for Premium Standard Farms.   "It captures the nutrients in swine manure in a process that is commercially viable. In addition, the system generates the energy needed to dry the fertilizer, while capturing dust and gas emissions, then recycles them back into the fertilizer." When fully operational, the plant will produce eight thousand tons of fertilizer per year and employ 11 people full time.

The process of developing the Crystal Peak plant began following a 1999 Consent Decree between the company and the State of Missouri. That agreement calls for the company to develop "next generation" technology with the assistance of a state appointed panel of experts and to invest $25 million in the process. To date, the company has invested more than $12 million in research, development and implementation. The Crystal Peak plant will cost an additional $9 million. 

In the Consent Decree signed today, both the state and PSF agreed to extend the deadline for implementation to July 2010.

The Crystal Peak plant will be installed at the Valley View Farm in Sullivan County. The company has already installed an Advanced Nitrification/De-nitrification plant on the Whitetail farm in Putnam County. The AND system also is approved "next generation" technology.

In addition to the commitment to install "next generation" technology at Class 1A farms, the company is installing an essential oils misting system on 80 grow/finish barns to measure the effectiveness of these systems in reducing dust and odor. Initial trials have indicated positive potential for these systems.

The latest Consent Decree also calls for the company to provide emergency spill response support to contract producers, implement an independent monitoring program for environmental testing, install additional lagoon covers and pay $332,200 in civil penalties for all alleged environmental violations since the 1999 Consent Decree.

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