A legal agreement reached Wednesday between the Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster and Premium Standard Farms could settle a battle over odors from 365 hog barns, according to the Kansas City Star. In the agreement, PSF was allowed two years to install odor-reducing technology in the barns, located primarily in northwest Missouri

Koster said he was optimistic that the odor problem now will be remedied. “It is my hope that today’s settlement will accomplish the goals set forth by the state of Missouri to protect clean water and air in northwest Missouri,” Koster said in a press release.

The agreement requires the company to install mechanical scrapers in pits beneath barns to push manure and urine into a piping system that leads to a bio-digester. The agreement also carries penalties if PSF doesn’t comply. PSF has also agreed to pay a total of $1 million to five county school districts as well as county road districts.

“We are happy to get this behind us,” said Jean Paul Bradshaw, a Premium Standard Farms attorney. “We have every confidence these (scrapers) will address the problem.”

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Source: Kansas City Star