Premium Standard Farms is phasing out its entire internal multiplication system in Missouri and Texas and has signed a dedicated multiplication contract with Genetiporc to source parent gilts for its 145,000 sows in those two states. The arrangement calls for Genetiporc to provide an uninterrupted flow of high health, PRRS-naïve gilts.

“In the past, if a producer’s internal multiplication system broke with disease, it was their problem,” says Jeff Zick, vice president and general manager of Genetiporc USA. “Under this arrangement, we’ve made it our responsibility.”

A key factor influencing PSF’s decision was Genetiporc’s assurance there is sufficient back up within its system to continue sourcing healthy animals from alternative sites if there was ever a health challenge within a multiplier dedicated to PSF, says Robert Manly, president of PSF. “It is hard to find a genetics company with any volume of high health gilts available”, he adds. 

Genetiporc is dedicating five 2,500-head multipliers exclusively to PSF. “They’ve tailored a program very specific to our needs,” says Bill Homann, director of operations for PSF Missouri. “We’ve broken our Missouri sow population into several separate flows so if there is a health challenge in one, it doesn’t affect our whole system. Genetiporc has designated a multiplier for each of those pyramids - each sized to meet our needs and provide the health, age and quality of gilts we’re looking for.”

The Genetiporc multipliers are located in isolated areas of Michigan, Indiana, South Dakota and Minnesota, explains Martin Butler, Production Director for Genetiporc USA. “The isolation of our multipliers, sophisticated health monitoring and intense biosecurity have kept our system PRRS naïve for over 20 years. That’s the reason we’re so confident in entering this agreement with PSF.”

PSF Production Improves
PSF signed the deal with Genetiporc after a successful depop and repop of its 23,000 head Coffey production operation in Missouri over the last two years. Those eight farms remain negative as do the 80-thousand head and 90-thousand head finisher barns they feed into.

“Health hasn’t been the only benefit of this partnership”, says Kelly Busker, director of livestock production for PSF Missouri. “It’s also the quality of animals that come in. Our finishing performance and average daily gain are way up and our born alive is way higher than we predicted.”

Sow herds supplied by two Genetiporc gilt breeding projects with PSF Princeton are running at more than 11 born alive. There has also been a “significant increase in consistent high quality pigs going to our packing plant due to less variation.” The same holds true in Texas, as well.

Genetiporc assigned two technical support specialists to work full-time at PSF Missouri to help maximize production on its Fertilis 20 gilts.

PSF’s goal over the next two years is to continue bolstering health and fine-tune production. About one third of PSF’s 86,000 sows in Princeton, Mo., are being replaced by Genetiporc gilts. By early 2006, all of PSF Missouri and Texas will be sourced from Genetiporc.

For more information, contact Jeff Zink, Genetiporc USA, at (320) 759-1550.