A wild pig that was killed by a producer in Nebraska has tested positive for pseudorabies.  State Veterinarian Dennis Hughes has been notified by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission of a pseudorabies investigation in the Genoa area.

NDA is currently contacting producers in the area to alert them to the situation and to advise them of symptoms and preventative measures. A similar outbreak of pseudorabies was discovered in this area in early 2007.

Swine producers should be vigilant and watch for any symptoms of pseudorabies in their animals.  Symptoms include: respiratory distress, nervous system signs such as trembling, difficulty with coordination, and paralysis, sudden death of piglets, and females aborting.  Producers are asked to contact their local veterinarian or NDA at (800) 572-2437, if they notice these symptoms.

Producers can consider several options to avoid the disease, including vaccinating stock, following strict biosecurity measures on their farms, and minimizing contact with wildlife and rodents. Further information on pseudorabies can be found at www.agr.ne.gov.