Recent feedback from pork producers revealed how the business of raising hogs has changed dramatically.

For instance, producers now perceive being a farrow-to-finish operator and a profitable producer as unique differences. Several hundred attendees took the time to openly share their opinions, insight and concerns by completing the survey at the Hubbard Feeds booth during World Pork Expo held in Des Moines, Iowa, in early June.

Other producer responses to the question “What’s your difference?” resulted in a wide range of responses, from genetics, quality focus or small independent producers, to being part of a hog-dense production area.

“Producers didn’t surprise us with their concerns, particularly as their business model and profit opportunities continue to change,” says Mark Johnson, general manager of the Swine Business Unit for Hubbard Feeds. “Their biggest concerns were market prices and input costs, but showing up high in the responses were herd health and safety issues, including Country of Original Labeling, or COOL. We expected to see that issue surface.”

Concerns about vandalism, animal welfare activists and the elimination of gestation stalls were also listed by respondents. Factors in choosing a feed supplier showed producers consider more than cost, especially seeking a combination of service, research, safety and traceability.

Source: News Release/Hubbard Feeds