Held in the arena area of the Cattle Barn, the producer educations seminars offer a full slate of topics on animal health and industry information. The educational seminars are free with World Pork Expo admission.


10:00             Programmed Induction of Estrus, Rob Knox, DVM, University of Illinois.

10:30   Optimizing Synchronization Strategies in Gilts, Charlie Francisco, DVM, Intervet.

11:00   Return on Investment: MATRIX: Brad Thacker, DVM, Internet

11:30             Question and Answer

1:00     Internal Parasite Management – Hidden Performance: Gil Myers, Consulting&Research

1:30             Successful Killed PRRSv Vaccination Strategies

Dr. Matt Ackerman, DVM, Swine Vet Services, Greensburg, IN

2:00     Revisiting FLAVOMYCIN in a Consumer Driven Marketplace

Herb Kling, Intervet

2:30            Question and Answer

3:30     Illeitis Control in Large Swine Production Systems

            Andy Holtkamp, Iowa Select Farms

4:00     Illeitis Control in Traditional Swine Production Systems

             Monte W. Fuhrman, DVM,   Sioux Nation Ag Center of Sioux Falls

4:30            Question and Answer

FRIDAY, JUNE 10, 2005

10:00            Working in the U.S. Swine Industry – Major

            Employee/Employer Survey Results

Stephen May, Publisher; National Hog Farmer

Jim Kliebenstein, Iowa State University Economics Department

11:30-12 Question and Answer

1:00     Better Treatment Decisions by Early Identification of

            Sick Pigs in the Finisher

            Speakers TBD

 2:30-3 Question and Answer Period