Having feeders go empty is not a new phenomenon, and unfortunately it’s still too common of an occurrence  on hog farms today. Running out of feed hurts pig performance, increases negative behaviors and makes the animal more prone to gastric disorders.

You can find answers to this challenge from this month’s free Hubbard Feeds sponsored Hub Podcast, featuring Mike Brumm, from Brumm Swine Consultancy, Mankato, Minn.  Well recognized within the pork industry for his expertise in the management and housing of growing pigs, Brumm also focuses on pork production profitability issues.

In the current podcast, he will discuss the causes of out-of-feed events and how to minimize them, including a helpful checklist. Brumm also address the consequences and effects to a swine operation.

Today, paying attention to details can have big returns and providing a consistent source of feed will optimize pig growth performance and  carcass composition. 

You can listen to the podcast now.

Each episode in the monthly podcast series will feature a different expert in swine production. The Hub podcasts will be emailed automatically each month. Subscribers can offer feedback and offer ideas for future topics. Transcripts of The Hub podcast also is available for download.

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