As temperatures across the country continue to rise, swine production consultant Mike Brumm, Brumm Swine Consultancy, reminds producers about the importance of evaporative cooling of animals. Brumm points out that for grow-finish pigs, supplemental wetting to assist in cooling is necessary whenever air temperatures get into the low 80’s F.

Brumm offers recommendations on cooling equipment and techniques in a recent blog on the Minnesota Pork Board Web site.

“For curtain sided barns, I generally recommend that stir fans (if the barn has them), be set to turn on at 15 degrees F above the room set point in the controller,” says Brumm. “Set the sprinklers to turn on at 18 degrees F above set point.”

“For tunnel barns, I generally set the sprinklers to turn on at 20 degrees F above set point,” Brumm adds. “For both tunnel and curtain barns, the sprinkler system should be capable of wetting 60 percent of the pen area in less than 2 minutes.”

Read the full blog on the MPB Web site.

Source: Minnesota Pork Board, Mike Brumm