The Prairie Swine Centre opened a newly renovated sow research unit earlier this month. Following an open house and a final equipment check and facility cleaning, the first pigs were brought on to the site, located in Floral, Saskatchewan.

The Prairie Swine Centre is one of several University of Saskatchewan research facilities. Its primary focus is animal nutrition, animal behavior and engineering. Approximately $2 million was spent to upgrade or replace construction done in 1979. The original facility consisted of four main buildings, including two 100-sow barns, a 50-sow barn and a grow/finish barn.

"Basically we undertook a complete replacement of our gestation, lactation and breeding, as well as gilt-development areas; consolidated what was previously in four barns into a single barn," reports John Patience, Prairie Swine Centre’s outgoing president and chief executive officer. Patience has taken a position at Iowa State University.

Source: Prairie Swine Centre