A December PQA Plus Webinar in Spanish certified a total of 26 Spanish-speaking pork operation employees from three companies. "Feedback from participants was very positive," says Orlando Gil, program coordinator. "We had good interaction and good questions."
"We were very pleased with the turnout for our first PQA Plus Webinar in Spanish," adds Gil. "We recorded the session and will be sending participating companies a copy of the CD for review and re-training purposes (candidates for the certification must attend live training, however).
“Pork industry leaders have set a goal of having all producers certified in PQA Plus by June 2010 and this effort helps us reach that goal,” says Erik Risa, manager of certification programs for the National Pork Board. “The pork checkoff has committed to providing resources in both English and Spanish to allow easier access for all producers.”

Gil plans to do a monthly PQA Plus Web Seminar starting the last week of January. Dates will be confirmed soon.
"Starting in February, we will be launching a monthly "Developing Latino Leadership" Web seminar series that will address leadership needs at the front-line supervisor level," adds Gil. "The series will allow companies to provide their Latino supervisors opportunities for education in their own language."
For more information on the "Developing Latino Leadership" series contact Gil at translat@mtcnet.net