The National Pork Board has announced that 10,000 pork producers have become certified in PQA Plus. The milestone reflects the industry's renewed commitment to social responsibility and accountability. The program was launched at the World Pork Expo in June 2007. 

"We launched with the goal of having 5,000 PQA Plus certified individuals by the end of that year," said Tim Bierman, a producer from Iowa and a member of the National Pork Board. "That first target was reached and program support has grown steadily since then. We consider it a success that 10,000 producers have become certified."

The base of PQA Plus advisers, the individuals responsible for imparting producer education, spans over 28 states and includes over 780 people. "We could not have reached these many producers without the tireless work of the PQA Plus advisers and Trainers," said Bierman. "With 10,000 certified producers, and many more achieving certification every week, we are sending the message that as an industry we are committed."

Source: NPB