A new Internet resource is now available to support U.S. pork producers as well as address consumers’ questions about modern pork production.

The new Web site, www.PorkCares.com, highlights the industry’s ‘We Care’ initiative, a comprehensive effort dedicated to informing the public about pork producers’ strong record of responsible farming and their commitment to continuously improve production practices.

The site will offer testimonials and interviews of pork producers as well as video clips of modern pork production. “PorkCares.com provides a great resource for the consuming public as well as packers, retailers and food service organizations,” says Dallas Hockman, vice president, industry relations, National Pork Producers Council. “The site will tell the story of the pork industry first-hand from the actual producers.”

Hockman goes on to explain that the new Web site provides an excellent reference on today’s modern pork production systems. “The site helps put a face on pork production in the United States.”

“Whoever the audience is, whether it is policy makers, neighbors, food retailers or the community at large -- anyone who wants to discover what the U.S. pork industry is all about and its commitment to social responsibility, is encouraged to visit the site,” says Hockman

The PorkCares Web site is a joint effort of the National Pork Board’s pork checkoff and the National Pork Producers Council, to help demonstrate that U.S. pork producers are accountable to established ethical principles and animal well-being practices. The site is funded in part by AgStar.

Hockman encourages pork producers as well as industry participants to share the Web site with colleagues, employees and customers. “Post a link to PorkCares.com on your Web site or feature the address in materials and as part of your e-mail signature.”