The supply of live pigs in China rose by 3.4 percent in August compared with the previous month according to Chinese Agriculture Minister Sun Zhengcai. Pigs ready for sales increased by 9.9 percent year on year, reversing the declining trend recorded in July. The increase was reported by the Xinhua News Agency.

As a result, Chinese pork prices have started to ease. Sun cited ministry statistics that showed domestic pork prices fell to 18.98 yuan (US$2.53) per kilogram on September 5, down from 21.4 yuan (US$2.85) on August 9, representing a 11.3 percent drop within nearly a month.

Blue ear pig disease, which led to the pork supply shortage and higher prices, has been gradually brought under control within the affected area but still lingers in 14 Chinese counties, the minister said.

Xinhua also reported that China has almost doubled its per capita pork consumption since 1990 to 39.6 kg up from 20 kg in 1990.