Chicken breasts may be good for you, points out the August 2007 edition of Shape Magazine, but pork tenderloin is just as good for your health and your weight — minus the yawn factor.

“This new ‘Smart Eating 101’ article in SHAPE is a terrific placement for pork,” says Ceci Snyder, assistant vice president of consumer marketing for the National Pork Board. “It’s terrific that our check-off funded research with USDA has been featured in this national magazine that’s squarely aimed at our target audience of women ages 25 to 44.”

It’s out with the old and in with the new, as pork tenderloin replaced chicken breast on Shape's list of top eight “superfoods” that can bring excitement to healthy meals.

“Still haven’t embraced ‘the other white meat?’” asks the article. “Consider this: On average, pork today contains 40 percent less artery-clogging saturated fat and 24 percent less fat overall than the pork of 15 years ago, reports a USDA study that examined nine different cuts. The leanest variety? Pork tenderloin, which rivals even skinless chicken breast in terms of calories and fat.”

The article also included a serving tip and recipe for glazed pork tenderloin, along with ideas on how to use leftovers.
“The Pork Information Bureau pitched this story idea back in 2006, so it can take awhile for an article like this to appear in a national magazine,” Snyder notes. “It’s one more example of how our pork checkoff investment continues to promote terrific coverage for the ‘pork is leaner’ message.”

Source: National Pork Board