Pork sausage stole the show at the New York Stock Exchange. Sausages from different regions of the world were available to more than 4,800 NYSE employees who could select everything from breakfast links and bratwursts to chorizo and kielbasa. Pork Sausage Links the World promotional support was also used for raffles and trinkets for consumers. Ethnic decorations added to the ‘world’ theme. 

In addition to the NYSE promotion, pork promotions have occurred at other foodservice management companies like Sodexho USA and ARAMARK. Also, pork checkoff has worked with popular restaurants to develop year-long promotions. Cracker Barrel is featuring pork chops and Texas Roadhouse is featuring pulled pork sandwiches and dinner plates.

Other activities from the first and second quarter include pork promotions at Chili’s Bar & Grill, Panera Bread Bakery and the Cheesecake Factory. Projected incremental sales for all of these promotions total more than 1,800,000 pounds.

For more information, visit the foodservice professionals Web site at www.porkfoodservice.com or call the Pork Checkoff Service Center at 800-456-PORK.

Source: NPB