If a disaster or disease outbreak would strike the pork industry, would your area be prepared to handle the aftermath?

“We’re working on new ways to educate producers about disaster preparedness,” says Patrick Webb, DVM, director of swine health programs for the National Pork Board. “While a lot of training has focused on first-responders like law enforcement and county emergency management personnel, we’re showing what’s required for agricultural responders.”

NPB recently hosted incident command system training and certification for pork producers, state pork association staff members and NPB staff. Trainers debunked the myth that the federal government will handle major disasters so states don’t have to worry about getting involved. 

“I was surprised to learn how many different local, state and federal agencies could be involved in responding to a serious animal disease outbreak or other disaster,” says Ron Birkenholz, director of communications for the Iowa Pork Producers Association. “The spirit of cooperation is essential. That’s why we need to have key people trained in ICS so they know how to work together with the other agencies involved to effectively manage the situation to a successful conclusion.”

Source: National Pork Board