Pork producers in Iowa’s Humboldt County will be trying to set a new world record July 3 in Humboldt. That’s when they plan to grill the world’s largest pork burger as part of the town’s July 4 celebration.

The giant pork burger will be 240 pounds, 40 inches in diameter and 10 inches thick. A 42-inch bun is being specially baked to hold the patty and the producers are having a special grill built to cook the over-sized burger. It’s expected to take up to 12 hours to fully cook the pork.

The pork producers are partnering with several local grocery stores and other businesses to pull off what they hope will be a record-setting feat.

“The Hy-Vee and Fareway grocery stores and Vinnie’s Barbecue are donating the pork for the burger and Hy-Vee is baking the bun using 16 to 20 pounds of dough,” said Harold Trask, a Humboldt County Pork Producers member and past president of the National Pork Board. “Holstein Grilling Company is building the grill for use in the record-breaking attempt because mine isn’t big enough.”

In addition to helping promote pork, Trask says the attempt to get in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest pork burger also will help the city of Humboldt attract area residents to the celebration. A Guinness representative is expected to be on hand to verify the new record.

“The closest we have found is a 125-pound pork burger, so we hope this one does the job,” Trask said. “We’re just trying to break the Guinness record.”

Once the new world record pork burger is fully cooked, it will be cut up and given to everyone attending the celebration that evening.

Source: Iowa Pork Producers Assn.