Due to the high cost of U.S. corn and other feed grains, U.S. pork producers are calling on Britain and Brazil for wheat supplies, according Don Butler, spokesman for Murphy-Brown, in comments to Meatingplace.com.

Rarely does the United States import feed grains. “However, ocean freight costs have plunged to the point of making foreign wheat more economical than domestic supplies,” says Butler.

"The biggest factor is the differential between the freight rate for ocean-going cargo vessels versus the cost of rail transit to the East Coast," he said.

Shipments from the United Kingdom and Brazil are due to arrive in Wilmington, N.C., in January and February. "We'll be bringing in some quantities of wheat," Butler said, declining to give specifics.

Murphy-Brown is an owner of Wilmington Bulk, a consortium of hog and poultry producers that operate a port facility near Wilmington, N.C.

Source: Meatingplace.com