While television is the king of advertising, it usually comes at a very high price. When Iowa and Nebraska pork producers had the chance to film two commercials for KMEG-TV through cost-share arrangements, they knew they’d hit upon a great deal.

“We were fortunate to have this opportunity, because it really helped maximize our checkoff investment,” says Alison Dreeszen, marketing and programs director for the Iowa Pork Producers Association.

KMEG-TV covers northwest Iowa and eastern Nebraska, so the IPPA and the Nebraska Pork Producers Association teamed up with local Family Table restaurants and 10 county pork producers’ organizations in northwest Iowa to sponsor the commercials. The first advertisement, which aired from mid-October to mid-November, promoted October Pork Month and directed consumers to TheOtherWhiteMeat.com for pork recipes. 

The second commercial features Dave Hansen, a Cedar County, Neb. pork producer, and Tim Bierman, a Cherokee County, Iowa pork producer, who highlighted ethical practices of pork production. This message will air through the end of December.

“As a pork producer, I have an obligation to build and maintain the trust of the general public,” says Bierman, vice president of the National Pork Board, who is shown caring for his hogs. “I want to produce safe food, promote animal well-being and contribute to a better community. It’s in everyone’s best interest to safeguard our natural resources, protect public health and provide a safe workplace.”

With a total production and air time cost of $800 for the two commercials, this unique opportunity was too good to pass up, Dreeszen says. “This has been a great promotion, because the commercials have helped us put a face on modern pork production and connect with consumers.”

Source: NPB