About two dozen protesters called attention to Progressive Inflammatory Neuropathy- a condition discovered last year which affects some slaughter plant workers. The protesters gathered outside Quality Pork Producers in Austin, Minn. last weekend claiming inadequate response by the company to care for those diagnosed with the disease, according to the Post-Bulletin newspaper of Rochester, Minn.

The condition was reported among workers for QPP, Hormel and Indiana Packers who used high-pressure air to harvest pig brains. Symptoms include numbness, pain and trouble walking.

QPP chief executive officer Kelly Wadding told the newspaper that he's been open with all parties during this process, and had been in touch with a migrant workers' rights organization to address its concerns on behalf of affected employees. The protesters said employees who had been diagnosed still were waiting for workers' compensation checks from QPP, the Post-Bulletin reported.

Meanwhile, the head of the Austin UFCW local indicated that no QPP workers had indicated to him that they felt they'd been mistreated, the newspaper said.

Source: ThePigSite