A Pork PAC auction held last week raised $90,000, says the National Pork Producers Council. The event took place at the National Pork Industry Forum held March 4-6 in Kansas City, Mo.

The funds are used to help educate and support state and federal candidates for public office whose views represent the interests of pork producers, processors, marketers and consumers. In 2009, Pork PAC supported 55 candidates with a total of $149,500.
A financially strong Pork PAC strengthens NPPC’s grass roots, communications and public-policy programs to counter the well-coordinated and well-funded activities of opposition groups, says NPPC.

NPPC’s success in Washington helps to protect the success of U.S. pork producers on the farm. “The pork industry will stand up for reasonable legislation and regulations as well as a strong government presence in supporting U.S. pork producers,” says Neil Dierks, NPPC chief executive officer.

“Pork PAC will actively support those who have the interest of pork producers in mind throughout the coming year,” said Larry Liepold, NPPC Pork PAC chair. “We need to educate members of Congress and reach out further than ever. Things in Washington could look drastically different after the November election.”

Don Butler, NPPC president, challenged all Forum participants to write a check for $100 to the Pork PAC. “If you make your living from the U.S. pork industry, we need your help with PAC.”

Liepold expressed the sincere thanks on behalf of the Pork PAC Board for all individuals and companies who generously donated items to the Pork PAC auction. “I want to thank each one of you for contributions over the past years,” said Liepold. “Your political involvement is greatly appreciated by the Pork PAC Board of Directors as well as the NPPC Board.”