In recent years, food has become the hottest topic in the news. A new food pyramid, a renewed interest in what is happening in agriculture, obesity, nutrition and the intense desire to safeguard our nation’s food supply after 9-11 have all pointed to the need for an increased understanding and dialogue within the food chain.   

Therefore, we are pleased to announce to you a new creation called Food360°.

Food360° is unlike any media entity you’ve come to know because it reaches all of the audiences that comprise the food chain, enabling each participant to profit from a “full-chain view.”

Whether you grow produce, raise livestock, influence the way a product is cared for and harvested or are the final point of customer interface (retailers and restaurants), Food360° has a communications tool that enables you to compete more effectively within your niche (

In addition, by bringing together three separate operating divisions of Vance Publishing Corporation (Produce Division, Crops Division and Livestock Division) into one overall business unit focused on food, customers now have access to a breadth of food knowledge unmatched by any other food-communications resource. This intellectual plumbing runs the gamut of the food system from production agriculture to grocery retailing and consists of more than 40 senior editors representing 20 different branded products (

Vance Publishing has always been deeply rooted in agriculture with such core brands as The Packer newspaper, covering the produce industry since 1893, and Drovers, covering the beef industry since 1873. 

However, in 1989, Vance began publishing Produce Merchandising magazine and eight years later, Meat & Seafood Merchandising magazine. Both of these products were targeted at retail grocery establishments and helped Vance further recognize the opportunity to connect the somewhat disparate food chain.

“Our mission in the produce industry has always been to foster the much-needed dialogue up and down the chain,” said Robb Bertels, publisher of The Packer and vice president of Food360°. “But now we have the capability with our portfolio to broaden that dialogue to all of food.”

Although only a small percentage of the world’s population is involved in farming, there are a host of people that touch our food supply as it makes its way toward the consumer.

“There is a vast compendium of people from the moment a product is conceived until it is consumed who need to understand each other’s role and what issues they all hold in common,” said Bill Newham, senior vice president of Food360°. “We call this a “full-chain view” – without it, issues looming down chain can quickly overcome your business.”

Food360° will deliver this full-chain view through its individual branded products, but also by adding people and services to help clients communicate “full circle” within that chain. 

Sales representatives will combine efforts with Custom Marketing Managers to lead clients through a menu of communication options from the printed page to online activity (including digital), to direct marketing and databasing to involvement activities designed to bring people of the food chain together. 

Whatever it is, Food360° has you covered! 

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