Pork Insight (formerly the Livestock IssuesResourceCenter) is an online database summarizing thousands of practical research articles in the areas of environment, animal welfare, energy efficiency and production research. Pork Insight provides easy access to reliable infomration on topics of interest to Canada’s pork producers.

Here you can find answers to questions as divers as “What does research tell us about energy requirements for pigs?”, “What do we know about odor management?”, and “how can I reduce the energy costs of operating my ventilation system?”

Pork Insight is located on the Prairie Swine Center Web site, www.prairieswine.ca, and can be access throught he search function by entering key words. The database locates matches and provides a series of links of the summarized documents. By clicking on the titles that best address the question, the research report summary is retrieved.

Pork Insight is managed by the PrairieSwineCenter with funding support from Agriculture and Agrifood Canada, Ontario Pork, Manitoba Pork Council, Sask Pork, Alberta Pork, Alberta Farm Animal Council, Farm Animal Council of Saskatchewan and Ontario Farm Animal Council.

For more information, contact Lee Whittington, manager information services, PrairieSwineCenter, at (306) 667-7447 or lee.whittington@usask.ca.

Source: Ontario Pork