With congressional passage of the fiscal 2006 agriculture appropriations bill, National Pork Producers Council official say it helps pork producers on several fronts.

  • It stripped an amendment – known as the Akaka “downer animal” amendment – that would have prohibited using federal funds to approve for human consumption meat from cattle, sheep, swine, goats, horses, mules or other equines unable to walk on their own. The amendment also would have denied federal funds to research facilities that purchased animals from Class B dealers – those that buy and resell animals.
  • $33 million to complete implementation of the National Animal Identification System’s premises identification component.
  • $58.8 million to complete the final phase of modernizing the NationalAnimalDiseaseCenter in Ames, Iowa. The center is crucial in the event of a foreign animal disease outbreak.
  • $3 million for a national animal vaccine bank similar to that on the human health side
  • $8.9 million for surveillance of foot-and-mouth and other foreign animal diseases.
  • $250,000 in start-up funding for the collaboration for Animal Health and Food Safety, a joint pork industry, and government program that looks at pre-harvest, on-farm food-safety issues.

Several compromise provisions still need to be reached in the joint committee, and the full House and Senate will have to vote on the final measure.

National Pork Producers Council