The U.S. pork industry supports a national swine identification system that builds on the existing pork industry-state-federal partnership that has been in place since 1988.

The pork industry supports, and already has,  an effective swine ID system modeled after the one used in the successful Pseudorabies Eradication Program, National Pork Producers Council president-elect Joy Philippi, a Nebraska pork producer, told a House Agriculture Subcommittee. The species-specific approach is consistent with USDA’s recent animal ID announcement.

“Pork producers are comfortable with the current level of recording and reporting, and we already have accepted the costs of this system,” says Philippi. “We are working with USDA to continue enhancing our current swine identification system, but we don’t want additional costs or reporting put on pork producers.” 

The pork industry has formed a swine identification implementation task force to implement needed enhancements to the existing swine ID system. These include:

  • Mandatory premises registration, which includes owner and location data, by 2007.
  • Mandatory animal IDs for groups/lots by 2008.
  • Mandatory individual animal IDs for market breeding swine and show pigs by 2008.

The existing mandatory ID system requires swine moved in interstate and international commerce to be identified and the information to be reported to federal and state databases.