The National Pork Board is working to set the message straight on pork production practices. In May it posted videos on the popular Web site YouTube to show real producers and real pork production practices. Now, NPB has added three new videos to the pork checkoff sponsored YouTube channel.

The new videos, which focus on pork production's environmental and ethical aspects, run one to two minutes each. The presentations include:

  • "Pigs Go Green": Randy Spronk, a Minnesota pork producer, and Brad Greenway, a South Dakota pork producer, describe how they protect the environment, from fertilizing crop ground with swine nutrients to maintaining air quality.
  • "Ethical Treatment of Pigs": Greenway, along with Dale Norton, a Michigan pork producer, and Leon Sheets, an Iowa pork producer, discuss how proper animal care and modern livestock facilities help farmers supply safe, high-quality food.
  • "Hungry Pigs": Norton and Gene Nemechek, a swine veterinarian and National Pork Board member, explain how pigs are fed a balanced diet that provides the proper nutrition for each stage of life.

NPB officials say they will collect viewer-ship data to learn and evaluate the YouTube videos to reach specific target audiences in 2009.

Source: National Pork Board