Twenty-one food bloggers and editors from leading publications got a taste of the new possibilities with pork, thanks to the Pork Information Bureau’s “Farm to Table” event in the Big Apple this summer.

Editors were welcomed at the mid-day luncheon with an elegant buffet featuring three pork recipes designed by chef/author/dietitian Laura Pensiero to highlight new emerging pork retail cuts. Laura’s recipes, which showcased a variety of cooking techniques and appealed to varying skill levels, included:

• Pork Saltimbocca, made with the pork pocket roast/sirloin tip
• Mediterranean Pork Stir-Fry, made with the pork breast/brisket griller
• Onion-Water-Marinated and Grilled Cap Steak, made with the pork cap steak

Editors enjoyed their lunch while pork producers Brad Greenway and Lisa Colby offered a look at life on two different pork operations. Both emphasized the industry’s commitment to ethical production practices, as well as environmental and sustainability measures.

“The food was great, and it was a very informative session,” says Lindsay Funston with Real Simple magazine. “We like to be on top of the meat trends, so this was right up our alley.”

Stephen Gerike, national foodservice marketing manager for the National Pork Board, then presented an introduction to the new pork cuts with a fabricated carcass and provided a primer on pork meat quality.

“These cuts are beginning to see some foodservice and retail distribution and the pork preview was well-received by the editors,” says Pamela Johnson, Director of Consumer Communications for the NPB, who helped coordinate the event. “It was great that Laura Pensiero also touted pork’s versatility, leanness and her impressions of the new cuts.”

For many tantalizing pork recipes.

Source: NPB