With the grates greased and the tongs polished, summer grilling season is officially underway. To make it extra special, celebrity chef, Melissa d’Arabian, and America’s pork producers are searching for the grill master with the greatest groupies in the National Pork Board’s “Calling All Grillers with Groupies” contest. The winner will have a chance to cook alongside d’Arabian during the New York City Wine & Food Festival this October.

From grilling with dad for Father’s Day to celebrating summer with a Labor Day get-together, food on the grill brings people together. And, what’s a griller without a little help from their grilling “groupies” – those friends and family members who serve as the sidekick, the sous chef, the bartender to the “grilltender” or simply someone to keep the laughs flowing freely?

A budget-conscious and busy mother of four, d’Arabian knows how to keep her groupies satisfied. “In our family, variety is the spice of summer. From weeknight chops and kid-friendly kebobs to party-pleasing ribs, pork offers unmatched versatility in cuts and flavor, pairing with almost any spice, rub or sauce,” says d’Arabian. “If you need to feed a hungry bunch in 30 minutes, you can do that. If you want to be mellow and mingle with guests, you can choose a cut that allows for low and slow grilling. The ease and versatility of pork allows me to spend time with my favorite groupies – my daughters – regardless of the occasion.”

As the host of the Food Network’s “10 Dollar Dinners,” d’Arabian knows how to master the flames with pork. To keep things fresh during the summer months, she has fired up recipes that equate to the perfect grilling trinity – minimal ingredients, quick preparation and maximum flavor.  Here’s a sample.

So, how do you celebrate pork on the grill with family and friends? Through Aug. 31, visit The Other White Meat Web site and submit a photo with a brief, 50 word-or-less caption that explains or tells a story about how you enjoy spending time by the grill with your grilling groupies.

Multiple factors will be considered when selecting the winner, including creativity and originality, and the pork passion needs to come through loud and clear.

One grand prize winner will be selected as d’Arabian’s grilling groupie at the New York City Wine & Food Festival in October.  

For more information on entering the “Calling All Grillers with Groupies” contest, to download the National Pork Board’s “Celebrate Summer Sizzle” free recipe brochure, or to search through a summer’s worth of pork recipes, check out The Other White Meat Web site.

Source: NPB