Pork’s ‘Don’t be Blah’ message will be seen in New York’s Time Square and beyond in November. ABC’s dynamic SuperSign will promote The Other White Meat’s versatility and ease of preparation. With a scrolling ticker message urging viewers to “make dinner more exciting,” the advertising promotes www.TheOtherWhiteMeat.com as a source for quick and delicious pork recipes.

“Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade moves right past the sign,” according to Jeff Hartz, director of brand strategy for the National Pork Board. Every year, more than 2.5 million people line the streets of Manhattan and another 44 million tune in to watch the balloons and floats in one of America’s most spectacular holiday celebrations. “The sheer number of people who will be exposed to the ‘Don’t be Blah’ message offers a powerful way to promote pork.”
Hartz says.

The 840 commercials that will be broadcast in Times Square are the latest component of the Pork Checkoff’s extensive advertising campaign in 2007. Television and radio ads were broadcast from early May through early November in the target markets of Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and St. Louis.

This year’s print advertising targeted popular magazines including Weight Watchers and Cooking Light. The Pork Checkoff also sponsored a series of online ads with key Web sites including Weight Watchers and All Recipes. “The online world is changing so fast that we regularly re-evaluate our advertising options,” Hartz says. “Thanks to today’s technology, we can quickly determine what advertising efforts perform well and which don’t, so we can maximize the Checkoff investment.”

The Pork Checkoff also invested in advertising at online search engines like Google, which have proven successful at delivering consumers to TheOtherWhiteMeat.com. “Promoting your message consistently is the key to advertising,” Hartz says. “We’re constantly looking for efficient avenues to communicate with consumers in a manner they enjoy and with information they find useful.”
Source: NPB