Animal rights/welfare, pork exports, checkoff priorities and having one national organization represent pork producers are just a few of the key resolutions that Pork Act Delegates will discuss and act upon at this year’s National Pork Industry Forum in Atlanta, Ga., on March 5-6.

So far, the Pork Resolutions Committee has received nine resoultions. Details for each of these is available on the National Pork Board Web site at On the left side of the home page, select "Pork Forum" from the "Pork Production" menu.

Each year, Pork Act Delegates collectively make decisions about the pork checkoff, including recommending the rate of the checkoff, the percentage of checkoff that is returned to states, and nominating and ranking producers and/or importers for appointment to the National Pork Board and to the Pork Board Nominating Committee. The recommendations for appointments to the National Pork Board are made to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, who makes the final determination.

Pork Act Delegates are pork producers or importers nominated by their state pork producer associations or individually, then officially appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture.   Each of the 50 states may be represented by at least two Pork Act Delegates. The number of delegates and the voting "power" of each delegate are determined by the amount of checkoff collected from the state they represent.

For 2004, USDA appointed 152 pork producers and nine importers to the 2004 National Pork Producers Delegate Body. States have the option of not submitting nominees; five states did not submit nominees and two states submitted only one nominee. Importer representation is based on assessments on imported pork and pork products.

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