When pork producers invest in the Checkoff, they contribute to demand-building activities, say National Pork Board officials. Several recent platforms for pork promotions are Hispanic marketing, pork  barbecue, diets for diabetics and exports.

"The National Pork Checkoff invests in programs that improve market access for all producers," says Steve Schmeichel, a pork producer from Hurley, S.D.

Here's a rundown of a few of the programs currently in action:

  • Hispanic Marketing
    To complement the "Pork. The Other White Meat" campaign, NPB launched a campaign that is more targeted to Hispanic consumers.  At 14 percent of the U.S. population, the Hispanic market is the largest ethnic group and the fastest growing part of the American population.

    "El Cerdo Es Bueno means 'Pork is Good' to the Hispanic consumer," Schmeichel says.  "We expect the 'El Cerdo Es Bueno' campaign to become as popular with the Hispanic consumer as our 'Pork. The Other White Meat' campaign is with the mass market."

    This year, NPB is sharing information to educate Hispanic consumers in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Houston and Miami on pork's health and nutrition aspects, while reinforcing that pork is delicious. 

    Checkoff-funded research indicates that NPB's "El Cerdo Es Bueno" campaign has increased several key factors, including:

    • Increased favorability of serving pork
    • Increased frequency of purchasing and serving pork
    • Increased quantity purchased and comfort level of purchasing pork
    • Increased percentage rating the quality of U.S. pork as "very good"
    • Increased perception of pork as being high quality, as nutritious as beef, as low fat as chicken, "good" and a family favorite
    • Increased awareness of the overall campaign, slogan and sponsors

  • Barbecue
    NPB is using a new slogan in its continuing efforts to raise awareness of pork as a convenient and exciting alternative to other proteins. "Pork, Now That's BBQ!" is a year-round theme that's being used in both foodservice and retail marketing. 

    A consumer survey showed nearly 70 percent responded that they are ordering more barbecue now than in the past. It topped any other regional cuisine. NPB will capitalize on this popularity by providing new menuing opportunities for pork along with claiming ownership of pork as the barbecue leader.  The program will reach more than 3 million consumers and thousands of chain and independent restaurant outlets.

    The "Pork, Now That's BBQ!" theme also is being used in pork promotions with retailers and wholesalers across America.  They are using this platform to kick off the barbecue season with floor graphics, meatcase cards, consumer BBQ recipes and pork features.

  • Diabetes
    NPB is launching an information campaign to show that pork is part of a healthy diet for the 17 million Americans with diabetes, and roughly the same number who have been told they have "pre-diabetes," which puts them at risk for developing diabetes. 

    To maintain consistently stable blood sugar, health professionals instruct people with diabetes to include lean protein, such as pork, at meals and snacks.  America's pork producers are providing the information to ensure physicians and other health professionals know they can include pork as a healthy option.

  • Exports
    NPB's foreign-market development activities help build exports of U.S. pork, which annually exceed 700,000 metric tons of pork and pork variety meats.  These exports go to more than 90 different countries, and represents nearly one in every 12 hogs raised in the United States today. That compares to 15 years ago, when product representing less than one in 100 hogs raised in the United States was exported.

For information on Checkoff-funded programs, pork producers can call the Producer Service Center at 800-456-PORK or check the Internet at www.porkboard.org. 

National Pork Board.