The Pork Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for members of the National Pork Board and for the Pork Nominating Committee for 2005-06.   Nominees must be people who pay the pork checkoff through their work as pork producers or pork importers.

The committee is chaired by Craig Christensen, a pork producer from Ogden, Iowa, and consists of Duane Bakke of Minnesota, Sam Carney of Iowa, Jeff Galle of Illinois, Deb Gay  of Wisconsin, and Jay Foushee of North Carolina. The members of the nominating committee will solicit, screen, interview, evaluate and recommend candidates to the Pork Act Delegate Body to be elected as nominees to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture for appointment to the National Pork Board.

For a nomination form, call the Pork Service Center at (800) 456-PORK.

For more information, contact Jim Meimann at (515) 223-2643 or

National Pork Board