The National Pork Board has added three new courses to its distance-learning program. The courses are on breeding management, segregated early weaning and Pork Quality Assurance. 

“These distance learning courses expand education to the farm,” explains Leon Sheets, a pork producer from Ionia, Iowa, chair of NPB’s producer education committee. “The distance learning materials make it possible for producers and their employees to learn on their own schedule.”

The distance learning programs provide producers and their employees with expert information on pork production. The information is presented either on an interactive CD-ROM or can be downloaded from the Internet. The courses provide information so people know the “how to,” which is reinforced with demonstrations of why specific techniques are recommended. 

The three new courses join four courses that became available during 2003. These are farrowing management, grower/finisher management, effective handling of pigs, and on-farm euthanasia of swine.

Additional courses that are scheduled to be available soon will cover pig husbandry, the Swine Welfare Assurance Program and the Youth PQA Program.

All distance-learning courses are available by calling (800) 456-PORK (7675) to order a CD-ROM. Pork producers can view and complete each distance-learning course by downloading from the Internet at

Additional distance learning topics are being planned. These include nursery management, disease problem solving, ventilation, record/data analysis, human resources, pork quality, boar stud management and safety systems.

National Pork Board