The recent pork ad in ‘Everyday with Rachael Ray’ magazine did its job well. The ad scored favorably in terms of reader reaction, according to research by the National Pork Board.

Readership surveys measured the effectiveness of the magazine advertising by calculating recall, brand association and actions taken by consumers. This year's survey highlighted the "Pork & Jeans" ad, which featured a picture of pork kabobs and a short narrative about lean pork and its role in a healthy diet.

Brand association, which measures whether readers understand what The Other White Meat means, jumped to 82 percent with the 2008 ad. Action taken, which can include visiting, searching for more information about pork, going to the store, saving the ad or recommending the product was 71 percent. The percent of consumers who viewed the ad and considered buying pork or purchased the product was 53 percent.

"We'll continue to do more research and testing with our pork advertisements and brand messages in the future," said Laurie Bever, director of consumer advertising for NPB. "This information is very helpful in evaluating our creative messages, as well as the media we select for our advertising investments."

Source: NPB