Among the business addressed at National Pork Board's annual meeting during the National Pork Industry Forum, Mar. 5-6, in Kansas City, the Pork Act Delegates nominated eight pork producers for five positions on the National Pork Board.

The nominations will be presented to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, who will make his selections by July. Each new board member will serve a three-year term. The producers up for consideration include Julie Maschhoff, Carlyle, Ill.; Everett Forkner, Richards, Mo.; Henry Moore, III, Clinton, N.C.; Derrick Sleezer, Cherokee, Iowa; Craig Mesnik, Preston, Minn.; Wathina Luthi, Gage, Okla.; Gregg Hora, Fort Dodge, Iowa; Steve Wuergler, Drain, Ore.

The National Pork Board consists of 15 members, and must represent a minimum of 12 states.

NPB is responsible for collecting and distributing the National Pork Checkoff funds. NPB's program areas of responsibility include research, educaiton and promotion efforts for the U.S. pork industry. During the two-day 2010 Pork Forum, the Pork Act Delegates approved five "advisements". The Pork Board will consider these advisements in program direction in the year ahead. The advisements approved are as follows:

  • That the pork industry continue to support premises identification numbers as part of animal identification methods and movement records; support standardized animal identification and pre-harvest traceability across all states; integrate standard identification numbers into programs that support the animal infrastructure such as swine disease surveillance, emergency preparedness and planning.
  • That NPB invest additional resources in a strong pork industry image campaign.
  • NPB's Producer and State Relations Committee evaluate the feasibility of providing financial support to Operation Main Street presenters by covering their mileage and supporting their equipment logistics. The point is to help more producers get the industry's messages out to more people without being financially burdensome to the OMS participantes. The committee is to report its recommendations to the board.
  • Urge all media, goverment agencies and health-care professionals to use correct science terminology when naming diesases to be unbiased and accurate in their public statements, therefore avoiding unwarranted fear among the public."It's an effort to send a message," said Clay Johnson, a pork producer from Delaware, who's state presented the advisement.
  • Review the current return-to-state funding formula regarding National Pork Checkoff funds, explore options and return to the 2011 Pork Industry Forum with a recommendation on changes. The driving issue behind this advisement is to address the growing pressures that state associations are under to promote and defend the pork industry.