The National Pork Board is presenting Producers Opportunity for Revenue and KnowledgeAcademy on Wednesday, June 7 at the Downtown Marriott in Des Moines, Iowa

PorkAcademy is a series of in-depth seminars designed specifically to help pork producers remain competitive. The program allows producers to select those areas in which they have the most interest. The Academy runs from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

The registration fee is $125 before the event and $150 for on-site registration. The registration fee includes lunch and materials, including a CD-ROM of the PorkAcademy proceedings. 

A brochure with a detailed list of events and registration information is available on under the calendar section. To request a copy of the brochure, call (800) 456-PORK.

You can buy a CD-ROM of the PorkAcademy proceedings for $15, following the program. Audio compact discs also will be available for all sessions at $10 per session or $100 for a complete set. 

Here’s a rundown of the complete program:

9 a.m.: Swine Health

  • Type A Influenza: Pigs, Poultry and People: Erica Spackman, USDA, ARS
  • Strep Suis: Pigs & People: Barbara Straw, MichiganStateUniversity
  • PRRS Risk Assessment: Derald Holtkamp, Woodlands, Texas & Pam Zaabel, National Pork Board

9 a.m.:  Reproduction

  • Boar Stud Management – What They Didn’t Teach You in School: Tom Gall, Pork Technologies
  • Semen Analysis – Low & High Tech: Gary Althouse, University of Pennsylvania
  • Capturing Value from Emerging & Alternative A.I. Technologies: Rob Knox, University of Illinois

9 a.m.:  Marketing

  • Using the Futures Market for Risk Protection: Curt Lacy, University of Georgia
  • Selling Pork to International Markets: Keith Belk, ColoradoStateUniversity
  • Optimal Weight to Market Slaughter Hogs: Jim Mintert, KansasStateUniversity

11 a.m.:  Luncheon and Program

  • Factors Affecting U.S. Pork Consumption: RonPlain, University of Missouri
  • Market Outlook: Glenn Grimes, University of Missouri

1 p.m.:  Animal Care and Behavior

  • What is K-Value and How to Use It?: Mike Brumm, University of Nebraska
  • Economics of K-Value: Brian Buhr, University of Minnesota
  • Auto Sort Technologies: Janeen Johnson, University of Illinois
  • Treatment vs. Euthanasia Decisions: Bob Meyer, MississippiStateUniversity

1 p.m.:  Business & Financial Management

  • Fiscal Fitness – Liquidity: Gary Thome, RiverlandCommunity College
  • How Am I Performing Financially: Mike Swan, WashingtonStateUniversity
  • I Want It – Can I Afford It?: Peter Scheffert, RiverlandCommunity College

1 p.m.: Swine Nutrition

  • Nutrition of the Developing Gilt: Dale Rozeboom, MichiganStateUniversity
  • Nutritional Interactions with Sow Welfare: Lee Johnston, University of Minnesota
  • Alternatives to Dietary Antibiotics and Realistic Responses: Maria Walsh, PurdueUniversity

3:30 p.m.:  Environmental Management

  • Economic Evaluation of Alternative Manure Management Systems: Kelly Zering, North CarolinaStateUniversity
  • Economics of Application & Marketing of Swine Manure: Ray Massey, University of Missouri
  • Development of an Assessment Tool for Air Quality Management Practices: Angela Rieck-Hinz, IowaStateUniversity

3:30 p.m.:  Production & Management Systems

  • Culling Criteria for Sows and Gilts: Locke Karriker, IowaStateUniversity
  • Adding Value to Cull Sows: Ken Stalder, IowaStateUniversity
  • Handling and Loadout Design for Market Hogs: Jeff Hill, Premium Standard Farms

3:30 p.m. Human Resource Management

  • Employee Performance Evaluation: Ken & Joanne Vrieze, Minnesota Producers
  • Worker Safety in Pork Production Enterprises: Liz Wagstrom, National Pork Board
  • How to use and Present Distance Learning to your Employees: Mike Swan, WashingtonStateUniversity

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